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Theme Nights

Theme nights are our equivalent of the ultimate costume party! They're your chance to get creative and crazy to show your vacation spirit. Go all in with full costumes or keep it simple with a few pieces of flair, it's totally up to you! Theme nights are optional, but it's way more fun if you join in.


  • Beverly Hillbillies Night

    Beverly Hillbillies Night

    Saturday, November 5

    Yeeeee-hawwww Outlaws! Break out  your overalls and gingham dresses as we host a veritable maritime hoedown, featuring special down-home activities and musical hi-jinks celebrating Hollywood’s long legacy of hillbilly, rockabilly, and honky tonk music on record, stage and screen!

  • Rat Pack Night

    Rat Pack Night

    Monday, November 7

    We’ll be serving up martinis and summoning the spirit of Frank, Dino and Sammy as we try to add a little class to the boat! Black-tie optional, but put on your best evening wear or just top of your outfit with a fedora hat, enjoy a fine cigar, and may luck be your lady in our onboard casino!


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