Norm Hamlet & Mario Carboni

Norm Hamlet & Mario Carboni

Norm Hamlet, born in 1935, is a 2 time hall of fame legendary American steel guitarist who performed, recorded, and toured with Merle Haggard for 49 years. 

Additionally he was also band leader for Merle's band "The Strangers" winning 8 ACM awards during his time as band leader. Norm began playing steel guitar as a teen in California, and in the 60's became an important influence in the Bakersfield sound. 

Norm has performed on over 30 #1 hits and in countless concert halls throughout the United States including performing at the White House, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square garden, and opening for the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Hank Williams. He has performed for 2 presidents. He currently tours with Mario Carboni, and has performed with Kris Kristofferson. He has also appeared on Jay Leno and the Tonight Show. 

Mario Carboni, also known as the Honky-Tonk Rebel, was born in 1986, and started playing keyboards at a very early age (9 months!) He has been delighting audiences ever since with his extensive repertoire of honky-tonk, country-western, piano rock and roll, New Orleans jazz, blues, and boogie woogie. He currently tours 35 states every year from Alaska to New York City. He has performed and recorded with Late Country Music Legend Red Simpson. Additionally, he has recorded with Jimmy Phillips, Susan Raye, Johnny Rodriguez, & Earl Poole Ball (pianist with Johnny Cash for 20 years)  

Norm and Mario unite their generations by teaming up to entertain fans, showcasing select hits from the Bakersfield Sound including songs from Merle Haggard, Red Simpson, Buck Owens, and brand new original material! Each energy filled performance includes selections which showcase Mario's unique ability to perform piano and trumpet simultaneously, as well as featuring Norm on Steel guitar!